• First Chiropractic Consult with Dr. Ann Izard

Your Initial Consultation

The appointment length is appropriately 30 minutes for the first visit and 10-15 minutes for all subsequent visits.  If you require more time on the follow-up appointments or have any new issues which arise, Dr. Izard does also offer a longer appointment time.


After reading through the intake form which you have completed, Dr. Izard will talk with you to develop a thorough understanding of your current condition, relevant past history and your overall health and activity level.


A physical examination will consist of:

  • Postural evaluation.
  • Assessment of range of motion.
  • Motion palpation – to identify any joints which are not moving as well as they could.
  • Orthopedic and neurological tests to determine the extent of your injuries and
    the exact structures involved.  Often the area that hurts is not the only problem involved.

Findings, Diagnosis and Prognosis

Next, Dr. Izard will discuss her findings with you. She will provide you with a diagnosis, and expected treatment plan and prognosis.  She will also add any home care instructions to aid in a quick recovery.

In her clinic, Dr. Izard treats patients with a combination of:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to the spine and other joints.
  • Soft Tissue Therapy with Movement
  • “Homework” including stretching and strengthening exercises to address muscular imbalances and biomechanical deficiencies.

It is important that each patient understands the cause of their condition and the role that they can play in maintaining their own health.   This often involves suggestions for modification of aggravating factors, changes in diet, and increase in physical activity, altering sleep habits, and stress management.

Dr. Izard believes that the combination of these methods enables her to successfully treat a wide range of patient complaints. However, that does not mean that all conditions are best suited to her treatment modalities. If your problem lies outside of the scope of her practice, she will refer you to another health care professional who can better assist you.

Cancellation Policy

Your appointment time is reserved for you. Please notify us 24 hours prior to your appointment should you need to cancel so that we do not need to charge you for your missed visit.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, we are happy to help. Please contact Dr. Ann Izard to reserve your consultation.